UE International Student, Cognitive Science Major Wins Scholarship Competition

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013

University of Evansville international student Karolina Toth, a cognitive science major from Budapest, Hungary, has won first prize in the LewerMark Student Insurance “Make Your Mark” scholarship competition.

The LewerMark agency, which provides health insurance programs for international students studying in the U.S., awarded Toth a $1,250 scholarship for her essay response to the question “How will an international education help me make a difference in the world?”

LewerMark representatives came to UE to present Toth’s award this morning.

“When Karolina arrived to the University of Evansville in Fall 2010, her drive for success and achievement was very apparent,” said Lauren Doss, UE’s coordinator of cultural engagement, who nominated Toth for the scholarship. “In her time at our University, she has developed into a confident, mature, and capable leader in and outside the classroom.”

“More than just a scholar,” Doss continued, “Karolina excels at several co-curricular activities. She dedicates herself fully to all of her endeavors, and truly embodies a student who wants to change the world.”

Toth’s LewerMark scholarship essay reveals her desire to use her international education in her native Hungary. “All of us have heard the phrase ‘You learn something new every day’, but many of us forget that we also have the opportunity to teach something new every day,” she wrote in the opening paragraph of her award-winning essay.

“My plan when I graduate from the University of Evansville is to get a PhD and aid my country to live up to its potential,” she wrote. “Having lived abroad, I have acquainted myself with many individuals who think of Hungarians dearly. The Hungarian education system has fed many talented individuals to the world, but is in need of an update and new resources.” She added that her desire is to “give back” to her country and to “assist in the reforming” of its education system, so that Hungary can be “equipped for the 21st century.”

“My international education has opened my eyes to the world of opportunity that lies in front of every one of us and is now preparing me to take on my chosen path,” she concluded. “I would have never dared to have such ambitious goals of educating and leading people, but my experience as an international student in America has shown me that I can reach as high as I am willing to work for. These experiences of my international education have led me to believe that I can make a difference.”

Toth’s winning essay is available online at http://www.lewermark.com/lewermark-scholarship/.

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