Azarian publishes reviews of mathematics research papers in MathSciNet

Posted: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mohammad K. Azarian, professor of mathematics, has published reviews of two research papers in the MathSciNet, the most respected data base for research in mathematical sciences.

The first paper, by Pavel Trojovský entitled, "On Some Combinations of Terms of a Recurrence Sequence," published in Chaos Solitons Fractals. This paper examines integer linear homogeneous recurrence sequences, in connection with k-Nacci sequence, Lucas sequence, and repdigits. The second paper, by Vinícius Facó and Diego Marques, entitled, "Tribonacci Numbers and the Brocard-Ramanujan Equation", appeared in the Journal of Integer Sequences. This paper deals with Diophantine equations involving factorials. Authors have been motivated by the work of Goldbach, D. Bernoulli, J. Liouvill, Ramanujan, and Erdo"s. The movie, "The Man Who Knew Infinity" is based on Ramanujan's highly exceptional mathematical legacy.

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