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University of Evansville’s Study Abroad Program Ranked #1 in America

Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2015

The University of Evansville study abroad program at Harlaxton College, has been ranked number one in America by

International studies is a hallmark at the University of Evansville, with more than 60 percent of students studying abroad.  In addition to offering a study abroad curriculum that allows students to graduate in four years, the programs are open to all majors and backgrounds. Moreover, financial aid packages travel along with students – which is not the case at many other universities.

Harlaxton College is a 150-room manor house set in the picturesque English countryside that provides a distinctive backdrop for the top study abroad program in the country. This historic home – which some say is UE’s own “Hogwarts” -- is filled with energetic students and faculty that live together in a unique learning environment. Students can choose to spend an entire semester studying abroad, or may opt for one of the 5- to 10-week course offerings.

"Harlaxton’s physical location in Britain, paired with a Monday-through-Thursday class schedule, enables students to do extensive travel to nearby European landmarks," says UE president Tom Kazee. "Students often find themselves standing in the very spot they discussed in British Studies class a few days earlier. Many groups travel to London, Paris, Ireland, Spain, and Italy—locations that offer ample opportunities for students to gain a global world view through first-hand experience." chose the top study abroad institutions based on the following criteria:

  • The program is open to a limited number of students, 500 or less, providing a more intimate experience while abroad.
  • The program is at least a semester long.
  • Faculty from the university are involved with the students internationally, either traveling with the students, teaching abroad, or overseeing the program in the country.
  • The university has a specific location internationally, students are not simply enrolling at international universities.

Click here to view the full list of institutions ranked. 

For more information or to speak to someone about UE’s study abroad programs and Harlaxton College, please call 812-488-2241 or e-mail

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