Academic Standards

Standards of Scholarship

Graduation requires a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in both the major and the total program of study. Additional GPA requirements may be imposed by particular majors. The University reserves the right to dismiss at any time a student whose academic standing or progress is regarded as unsatisfactory.

Academic Good Standing

Good standing refers to the normal academic progress of students who are not on probation or on academic dismissal. Semester and cumulative grade point averages required for good standing:

  • After the first semester - not less than 1.6
  • After completing 30 hours - not less than 1.9
  • After completing 60 hours or more - not less than 2.0

Satisfactory Progress

All students enrolled for credit are expected to make regular and satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree in a reasonable time. This is especially true of those students using financial aid grants or loans to meet the cost of education.

Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • All students must maintain scholastic averages that place them at or above good academic standing (see above).
  • Full-time students (i.e., any student enrolled in 12 or more hours in one semester) are expected to accumulate an average of 12 hours of credit for each semester (fall/spring) enrolled.
  • Part-time students (i.e., any student enrolled for fewer than 12 hours per semester) are required to accumulate a minimum of 24 hours of credit for each 30 semester hours enrolled.
  • Summer terms are not computed as regular semesters of enrollment; however, credit hours earned during the summer may be applied to degree requirements. Satisfactory academic progress requirements for financial aid differ from those outlined above. The Office of Financial Aid should be contacted for those guidelines.

Academic good standing (minimum semester and cumulative grade point average) will be reviewed at the end of each semester (fall/spring).

Academic Probation

Only students whose scholastic averages are maintained at or above good standing will be permitted to continue in the University.

Students will be placed on academic probation when they fail to maintain good academic standing, which requires semester and cumulative grade point average as follows:

Hours of Credit GPA
Less than 30 1.6
30-59.9 1.9
60 or more 2.0

Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to remove probationary status for two consecutive semesters (exclusive of summer terms) will be dismissed automatically from the University.

The University reserves the right to dismiss a student not making satisfactory progress toward a degree at the end of any semester in which minimum academic standards are not met.

As long as a student has not been dismissed from the University, classes may be taken during summer sessions to improve the cumulative grade point average and/or to accumulate earned hours toward satisfactory progress. Transfer credit will only apply to accumulated earned hours and not the cumulative grade point average.

Students who have been academically dismissed may not apply for readmission until at least one full semester (excluding summer terms) has passed. Readmissions are considered on a case-by-case basis and documentation must be provided indicating conditions favorable towards readmission and future academic success. Recommendations from advisors should be included with the petition. If a student takes courses at another university after being dismissed from UE, an official transcript with all grades must be included in the petition for readmission. The petition for readmission must be filed with the Admissions and Standards Committee through the Center for Academic Advising. All completed documentation must be submitted by December 1st for Spring semester readmission and by August 1st for Fall semester readmission.

Students dismissed a second time by the University may not apply to be readmitted.

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