Grading System

At the conclusion of each semester, students receive letter grades indicating the adjudged quality of their work in each course. Grade points are assigned for each semester hour of credit as follows:

Grading System
Grade Value
A Excellent 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B Good 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C Average 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D Poor 1.0
F Failure 0.0
I Incomplete
NG No Grade
P Pass
W Withdrawal

All A, B, C and D grades are passing grades. Grades of I, NG, P or W are not included in computing grade point averages. The grade point average is the quotient resulting from dividing the total points earned by the number of hours attempted (including failure and excluding pass and incomplete).

Midterm and End of Semester Grades

The University does not mail grades at the end of each semester. Students can access their grades on the University's student information Web site. Midterm grades are not permanently recorded but are used by students and their advisors for information and guidance. End of semester grades become a part of the student's permanent record.

Pass/Fail Option

A student may register for an elective course on a pass/fail basis. The option is intended to encourage the student to explore new academic areas without endangering the student's grade point average unless the grade earned is an F. Limitations on pass/fail registration are:

  • Junior or senior status
  • Only one course per semester may be taken pass/fail
  • No course required for the major or minor, no course being used to meet a general education requirement, and no courses used to meet foreign language or health and wellness degree requirements may be taken pass/fail.
  • Pass/fail courses must be listed at the time of registration and must not extend beyond the approved academic load
  • A course may not be changed from pass/fail, or vice versa, after the last day established for course additions

Courses offered only on a pass/fail basis are not subject to these regulations, except they must not extend beyond the approved academic load.

Incomplete Grades

All course work is to be completed within the semester it is attempted. If an emergency prevents a student from completing some portion of the required assignments, an instructor may give an I or incomplete grade only if the following circumstances are met:

  1. The student's other work in the course would earn a passing grade.
  2. The outstanding task can be completed without further class attendance.

Outstanding course work normally should be completed within six weeks of the class ending, but the instructor may allow up to one year from the end of the term for which the I grade is granted. It is the student's responsibility to have this deficiency removed within the agreed upon time period or within one year, whichever is less. (Registering for a course a second time does not remove an incomplete grade.) If the instructor has not submitted a grade change after the maximum one year grace period, the Registrar is authorized to change all grades of I to F.

Repeating Courses

Any student who wishes to better the grade in a course taken at the University of Evansville may elect to repeat that course for grade improvement but must do so at UE. The cumulative grade point average (but not the semester grade point average) will reflect only the higher grade earned for a specific course. Both grades will remain on the transcript. Credit is awarded only once for the course unless otherwise indicated. Some courses may not be repeated; these are determined by the faculty of the appropriate academic unit of the University.

Dean's List

To merit the honor of being placed on the Dean's List each semester, a student must have carried a full academic load of 12 hours or more, excluding pass/fail courses, and have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or above.

Grade Appeals

Any student who questions a course grade should speak to the instructor. If the instructor is unwilling to change the grade and the student is not satisfied with the reasons given, the student may commence a formal appeal.

Any student wishing to formally question a course grade must do so in writing within 60 calendar days after the last day of the semester. Correspondence should be addressed to the instructor with a copy to the immediate supervisor. A change of grade will occur if both the instructor and his or her immediate supervisor approve and both sign a change of grade form which is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

If either the instructor or the immediate supervisor disapproves of the change of grade, the student has the right to appeal to the Admissions and Standards Committee within two weeks of receiving written disapproval. If the student receives no response from either party within 30 calendar days of filing the appeal, the student may appeal directly to the Admissions and Standards Committee. Any appeal to the Admissions and Standards Committee must be filed during the semester (exclusive of summer terms) immediately following that in which the disputed grade was received.

When appealing to the Admissions and Standards Committee, the student must send a copy of the appeal to the instructor and immediate supervisor. The student, the instructor and the immediate supervisor will be requested to appear before the committee. In exceptional circumstances, the committee may allow other parties to attend the hearing to provide additional information. The committee chair will notify all parties of the decision taken by the Admissions and Standards Committee.

It is the student's responsibility to retain all dated correspondence until the final decision is reached.