Auditing a Course

When space is available after regularly enrolled students complete registration, others may request permission of the instructor and the Office of the Registrar to enter a lecture course as auditors. An auditor is subject to attendance regulations and other conditions imposed by the instructor.

Auditors must declare their audit status for a course by the last day established for course additions. Laboratory sections of lecture classes, clinical experience in nursing and health sciences, internships and field experience throughout the University, and cohort degree programs are excluded from this policy.

  • Although an auditor receives no credit, the course will appear on the student's transcript with the notation AU.
  • The hours will not be applied toward meeting graduation requirements, nor will the grade of AU be computed in the grade point average.
  • Audit courses are not included in determining full-time enrollment status.
  • An audit course may not be changed to a credit course under any circumstances, which precludes a student attempting to earn credit by departmental or CLEP examination at a later date for a class previously audited.
  • Credit courses may not be changed to audit courses.
  • The tuition charged for audit classes is the same as for credit.

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