Campus Recycling Resources

Eco-Action Initiative

Green Building Technology

The Eco-Action Initiative is a student group working on an interdisciplinary project to retrofit an older building to be environmentally green. They currently plan on participating in a nationwide contest to find the most innovative way to reduce energy consumption in a fictitious 6-story building in Phoenix AZ.

Advisor: Bill Hemminger,

Environmental Concerns Organization

The Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO) is a student organization interested in recycling and other environmental issues. ECO actively tries to improve recycling efforts on campus and participates in community projects, such as volunteering with Wesselman Nature Society to collect recyclables at Evansville's West Side Fall Festival.

ECO promotes environmental awareness in the community through a variety of activities and functions.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program involving a number of departments on campus.

Program Director: Dr. Arlen Kaufman
Office: KC 325
Phone: (812) 488-2097

UE Recycling and External Resources

The UE Recycling Guide is a PDF document on AceLink that provides information about Items Recycled at UE, Guidelines for Recycling, and a Chart of Recycling Locations. There is also information about other recycling resources.

UE Recycling Program

The UE Recycling Program is coordinated by Amber Elkins, manager of the Office of Risk and Environmental Management.

Amber Elkins
Manager/Risk and Environmental Management