Computing Services

Residence Halls

All students living in UE residence halls (as well as North Hall) have access to both UE Wi-Fi and two Ethernet ports in their rooms.

In addition, each hall contains community computers for use by any resident.

  • Hale: 4 computers (one per study lounge); printer on first floor
  • Morton/Brentano: 4 computers; printer in Brentano PC lab
  • Hughes: 3 computers; printer in south basement computer lab
  • Moore: 3 computers; printer in north basement computer lab
  • Schroeder: 4 computers; printer in first floor corner room
  • Powell: Variety of computing equipment in the Honors lounge

Village Properties

Students residing in our Village housing have access to high speed internet. See the chart below to find out the type of internet provided for our different units.

Ethernet UE Wi-Fi Cable Modem
Townhouses Yes (living room only) Yes No
North Hall Yes Yes No
Apartments No Yes No
Houses No No Yes

Current students, please access the online Help Desk for assistance with campus computing or call the Help Desk at 812-488-2077.

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Student Life Center, Second Floor, Ridgway University Center