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What is RSA?

The Resident Students Association (RSA) represents the interests and concerns of the residents of the University of Evansville. RSA sponsors many campus-wide activities, both educational and social, and has representative positions on several committees across campus. All residential students are encouraged to be an active member of RSA either through the weekly General Assembly meetings or Area Councils. RSA General Assembly meets on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. in the Library boardroom.

Special Events

Many students have attended RSA events and programs without knowing who put them on! One of the most prominent goals of RSA is to create a fun and enjoyable campus experience for residents. For this reason, RSA hosts many events each semester, including but not limited to:

  • Tacos and Tie-Dye
  • Build a Stuffed Animal Event
  • Area Council Programs
    • Various campus wide events
    • Residence Hall specific events

So keep a lookout for the next Special Event hosted by RSA!

Area Councils

The Area Councils are a representative group of students from each Residence Hall as well as the Villages. Each Council is composed of 2 committees: Programming and Improvements. The Programming Committee plans and holds events for the residents in their area while the Improvements Committee works to get new items to improve life in the Residence Halls and Villages. Each committee selects a chair position to serve in RSA's General Assembly, which creates a direct line of communication between residents and the Executive Board of RSA providing resident input on decisions made to better Residence Life on campus.

RSA's Executive Board

RSA provides many leadership roles around campus, including the RSA Executive Board. The RSA Executive Board is made up of many individuals all working toward the primary goal of bettering the campus community and creating a home for each resident. The Executive Board is made up of:

  • President
  • Vice President of Area Committee Programming (VPACP)
  • Vice President of Special Events (VPSE)
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Housing Improvement (DHI)
  • National Communications Coordinator (NCC) / Parliamentarian
  • Secretary

Housing Improvements

Housing Improvements has been a brilliant addition to the Resident Student Association involvement around campus. Under the direction of the Director of Housing Improvement (DHI) the Area Council Improvement Chairs have contributed many improvements within the residence halls on campus, thereby creating a more desirable living experience for the students that call UE home. These improvements range from big to small and have included things like new dry-erase boards, sporting equipment and kitchen appliances for the residents within the housing units around campus.


AceCinema is a FREE video streaming service funded through Resident Students Association (RSA). This service is available to students while on our main campus through the UE Wi-Fi network.
Service may vary for students living in some Village Properties and Greek Houses.

See what is possible to view and make requests:

Students can watch AceCinema programs on their TV by connecting a laptop to their TV with an HDMI cord.

Get Involved

It's easy to get involved with RSA.

  • Attend a weekly General Assembly meeting
  • Sign Up for a RSA Taskforce
    • Advocacy
    • Recognition
    • Promotional
  • Join, lead, or help with your residential Area Council
  • Travel to regional or national conference for residence hall leadership
  • Become a Student Government Association representative for your hall or RSA
  • Serve on a committee to provide feedback on dining

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with ideas for events, housing improvements, or if you would like to get involved on campus. You can email RSA executive board members at