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Residence Hall Computing – Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Ethernet Port

All students living in UE residence halls have access to both wireless Internet and two Ethernet ports in their rooms. Some rooms have a Wi-Fi access point connected to one of the room's Ethernet ports. If you need access to that port, do not disconnect the Wi-Fi cord! Contact OTS at 812-488-2077 to add a port (no charge).

If you need more than one Ethernet port on one side of the room for multiple devices, it is easy to purchase dumb switches available for a reasonable cost online. Contact OTS at 812-488-2077 if you are unsure about what device to get.

Village Property Computing – Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Students residing in our Village housing have access to high speed Internet. See the chart below to find out the type of Internet provided for our different units.

Networking chart
Ethernet UE Wi-Fi Cable Modem
Townhouses Yes (living room only) Yes No
Jones Hall Yes Yes No
Apartments No Yes No
Houses No No Yes

Technology Checklist – What Works Where

What works where chart
Technology Works on Ethernet Works on UE Wi-Fi** Works on UEsmartnet**
Desktops Yes (best connection) Yes No
Laptops Yes Yes No
Smartphones NA Yes No
Tablets NA Yes* No
SMART TVs Yes No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Blu-Ray Yes No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
ROKU Yes with native Ethernet connection No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Chrome Cast No No No
Amazon Fire stick No No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Apple TV Yes No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Xbox / PlayStation Yes No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Nintendo Yes -With USB to Ethernet Adapter No Yes – with Mac Address Registration
Personal Routers / Access Points Personal routers and Access Points can interfere with the UE wireless system and network and are not allowed to be used on campus. A multiport dumb switch can be used to increase the number of Ethernet ports in your room. Contact OTS if you are unsure if your device is allowed on the network.

*Older e-reader tablets may not connect to the UE Wi-Fi due to outdated encryption
**It is recommended to utilize an Ethernet port if your device is equipped for Ethernet. This will offer the best connection and speeds.


Printing Services

Students have a printing account through
Students are allocated $40 per semester.
Greyscale: 5 cents a page (one sided), 4 cents a page per side (two sided)
Color: 10 cents a page (one sided), 9 cents a page per side (two sided) Students can recharge their allocation at a reasonable cost through Student Financial Services.

Personal Printers and Personal Wi-Fi Printers

Personal Wi-Fi printers cannot be connected through Wi-Fi. Printers must be directly connected to the computer. Be sure that the printer comes with a USB port for a direct connection with your computer.

Shared Computers and Printers

Each hall contains community computers, one of which is an iMac, for use by any resident.

  • New Hall has a Mac and PC computer located in each study lounge on the second, third, and fourth floors. There are printers on the first, second, and fourth floors.
  • Hale Hall has 3 PCs and 1 Mac computer. There is one computer in each floor study Lounge. The hall printer is located in the first floor study lounge.
  • Moore Hall has 43 PCs and 1 Mac computer. All computers and the hall printer are located in the north basement computer lab.
  • Schroeder Hall has 3 PCs and 1 Mac computer. All computers and the hall printer are located in the first floor corner lounge.
  • Powell Hall has 3 PCs and 1 Mac computer. Honors students have access to free black/white and color printing located in the Honors Lounge in Powell.

Logging in to Wi-Fi

To connect to UEWifi, students enter their AceNet username and password. Your AceNet username will be the first part of your UE email address. For more detailed instructions, refer to the Technology Services Wi-Fi page.

Logging in to UEsmartnet

To connect to UEsmartnet with smart devices or game console you will need to find the wireless MAC address for your device. Then submit a ticket at under the category Game Console/Smart Device. Once registered your device will be able to connect. If you do not know how to find you MAC address visit the Technology Services Network page to find a guide on getting your wireless mac address.

RSA Presents: AceCinema

AceCinema is a FREE video streaming service funded through Resident Students Association (RSA). This service is available to students while on our main campus through the UE Wi-Fi network.
Service may vary for students living in some Village Properties and Greek Houses.

See what is possible to view and make requests:

  • On Mobile Devices: Turn on UE WiFi and go to
    (You must also download the Swank Media Player).
  • On Desktop or Laptop Computers: Turn on UE's Wi-Fi or connect by UE Ethernet. Go to
    (Always type in the “https://” on a desktop or laptop computer when using WiFi)

Submit your Movie Requests:
Students can watch AceCinema programs on their TV by connecting a laptop to their TV with an HDMI cord.

Streaming Content - Smart TVs and Devices

There are many ways to access streaming digital content. See Technology Checklist – What Works Where.

  • Ace Cinema on mobile devices (UE Wi-Fi) or desktop/laptop (UE Wi-Fi or Ethernet).
  • Streaming content over UE SmartNet and a MAC Address Registration for:
    • Smart TVs, Blu-Ray, ROKU, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Xbox/PlayStation, or Nintendo.
  • Streaming content over Ethernet for:
    • Smart TVs, Blu-Ray, ROKU, Apple TV, Xbox/PlayStation, or Nintendo.
  • Streaming content on desktop/laptops through an Ethernet connection.

Streaming TVs in Residence Halls

Students have access to TVs equipped with Guest ROKU services in designated common area lounges. Each residence hall has at least two common areas with a public TV. Here are locations of common area TVs:

  • New Hall has common area TVs in the first floor lobby and in each of the study/social rooms on second, third, and fourth floors.
  • Hale Hall has a common area TV located in the first floor game room and another in the lounge adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Moore Hall has three common area TVs. Two located in main lounges on the first floor and basement, and one in the basement community room.
  • Schroeder Hall has a large flat screen TV in the main lounge and others in corner lounges throughout the hall.
  • Powell Hall has several common area TVs located in the main lobby and the lounges on the basement, second floor, and third floor.
  • Jones Hall has two common area TVs. They are located in the first floor lounges.
  • Ridgway has common area TVs with Digital Cable programming located in Rademacher's Lounge across from the coffee shop on the first floor.

Streaming TVs in Village Properties

Townhouses are equipped with a flat screen TV with Guest ROKU services. Students in Village houses and apartments can check out a Guest ROKU device from Residence Life if needed. Students in village housing are responsible for bringing their own digital television.

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