Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Organizational change in the 21st century calls for leaders who are committed to serving others. The University of Evansville's organizational leadership program is our response to that call.

If your current education falls short of a Bachelor's degree and you have many college credits or an Associate's Degree, the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership may be the right program for you. Financial aid is available.

OL is an accelerated program designed for adult learners who have an Associate of Science or Associate of Art degree or have successfully completed a minimum of 60 credit hours and meet UE general education requirements.

The OL program is designed to prepare students to assume management focused leadership positions at organizations in both the public and private sectors. It is a two year program with classes meeting one night a week with classes condensed into a five week period.

“My experience with the adult education program was empowering and eye opening. From my experience, I developed a confidence that wasn't there before. As a result of my education, my professional career has advanced.” Jeannie Kiesel, Assistant Manager, Lockyear Title, LLC. ‘15


The purpose of the program is to provide qualified individuals with the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree and develop intellectual capacities necessary for successful leadership. The most significant learning objective is to advance students' abilities in strategic thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Students will be engaged in the practice and application of the fundamental concepts needed for supervision and leadership. The curriculum is designed to develop social responsibility and foster a global perspective.

  • OL 300 Adult Learner - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 310 Applied Leadership - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 311 Quantitative Skills for Leadership - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 312 Human Behavior in Organizations - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 320 Persuasive Written and Oral Communication - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 321 Principles and Issues of Human Resources - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 322 Leadership Ethics - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 330 Supervision - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 350 Leadership Practicum - 4 Credit Hours
  • OL 360 Leadership Practicum - 4 Credit Hours
  • OL 370 Leadership Practicum
  • OL 410 Leadership: Conflicts and Change - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 411 Leadership: Strategic Decision-Making 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 412 Customer Development and Leadership - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 420 Global Issues Seminar - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 421 Organizations: A Strategic Approach - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 422 Leadership: Individual and Team Processes - 3 Credit Hours
  • OL 450 Leadership Practicum - 4 Credit Hours
  • OL 460 Leadership Practicum - 4 Credit Hours

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