Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Leading Change.

Organizational Leadership is an accelerated hybrid program designed for adult learners who have an Associate of Science or Associate of Art degree or have successfully completed a minimum of 60 credit hours and meet UE general education requirements.

The OL program is designed to prepare students to assume management focused leadership positions at organizations in both the public and private sectors. It is a two-year hybrid program with classes meeting one night a week and online. Classes are condensed into a seven-week period.

Knowledge gained in the classroom is put to use through leadership practicums throughout the program. These hands-on, team based projects provide practical experiential learning and engagement in the community.

“I knew I had skills in the actual work that I do, but wanted to show that I also had leadership skills. This program helped me sharpen those skills and be more confident in portraying them. If you are wanting to advance your career and show leadership ability, this program will help build confidence and also sharpen any existing skills.” Allyson Niehaus, OL 2017 Graduate


Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate social responsibility with a global perspective.
  2. Develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills for leading teams effectively.
  3. Lead change within organizations and community.
  4. Develop analytical and decision-making skills for dealing with complex conceptual issues ethically and responsibly.
  • CHNG 280 Social Entrepreneurship
  • CHNG 330 Transformative Action
  • FYS 312 Writing Across the Disciplines
  • OL 300 Adult Learner
  • OL 310 Applied Leadership
  • OL 311 Quantitative Skills for Leadership
  • OL 312 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • OL 320 Persuasive Written and Oral Communication
  • OL 321 Principles and Issues of Human Resources
  • OL 322 Leadership Ethics
  • OL 330 Supervision
  • OL 350 Leadership Practicum
  • OL 360 Leadership Practicum
  • OL 410 Leadership: Conflicts and Change
  • OL 411 Leadership: Strategic Decision-Making
  • OL 412 Customer Development and Leadership
  • OL 420 Global Issues Seminar
  • OL 421 Organizations: A Strategic Approach
  • OL 422 Leadership: Individual and Team Processes
  • GL 430 Technology for Leaders
  • OL 460 Capstone

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