Innovation Graduate Certificate

Are you looking to drive innovation and make positive change? The Innovation Graduate Certificate at the University of Evansville will give individuals valuable information on using creativity, problem-solving skills and facilitation of change management in a hands-on environment designed for working adults. Individuals have the opportunity to make an immediate impact in the workplace and provide the competitive edge.


LDR 560 Empathy and Prototyping (3 credit hours)

This course will provide an overview of design thinking, focusing specifically on the processes of Empathizing and Prototyping. Students will explore the application of these processes across varying fields and disciplines, while learning to identify and understand client needs and develop potential solutions to proposed problems.

LDR 561 Leading Creative Problem Solving (3 credit hours)

This course will explore how leaders can utilize applied creativity and creative problem solving within organizations. Systems thinking will be introduced to help students understand how to create change within an organization or team. Students will examine creative problem solving styles and the ways they influence creative problem solving processes. Students will learn creative problem solving process and facilitation skills necessary to define complex problems, ideate, develop solutions, and create action plans in collaborative settings. Divergent and convergent thinking skills will be applied to enhance creativity and drive innovation.

LDR 562 (3 credit hours)

In this course, leaders will learn how to put in place a reliable system through which an entire organization can engage seamlessly in innovation. Leaders will learn how to leverage the innovative capacities of employees to generate growth, seize opportunities, drive efficiencies, and position their organizations well for the future.

Weekend-Hybrid Format

The 9 credit-hour certificate can be completed in one semester. The certificate is available each fall semester.

Cohorts will meet on UE’s campus twice per six week course on Saturday with the remainder of the coursework delivered in an online format.

Credits earned may be transferred into the MS in Leadership program.

Cost of Program

Tuition for 2018-19 is $525 per credit hour.


When you’re ready to apply, here are the requirements and documents you’ll need to get started.

  1. Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  2. Official transcripts, completed application, and resume.

Application opens January 4, 2019

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