Non-Profit Leadership Graduate Certificate

If you are involved in the work of non-profit organizations, you know the needs in the non-profit sector are constantly evolving.. The Non-Profit Leadership Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Evansville will give individuals the necessary skills to grow in leadership and management positions. From learning management styles, to new media platforms, fundraising techniques, and how innovation can play a part in the non-profit organization, this certificate program uniquely prepares you for the complex challenges and opportunities facing non-profits.


LDR 540 Non-Profit Fundraising and Practice (3 credit hours)

This course is designed for current or aspirant managers, staff, and volunteers in the non-profit sector who want to become familiar with the fundamentals of fundraising. We will look at philanthropy on a global scale and within the United States. Key areas that will be covered are funding sources; motivations for giving; methods of giving; types of funding; and developing relationships.

LDR 541 Managing Non-Profit Organizations (3 credit hours)

This course will help students understand the important role non-profits play in the United States and the impact they have on communities. We will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for non-profits and their leaders. Key areas such as mission statement, strategic planning, boards, volunteers, and careers in non-profit organizations will be covered.

LDR 542 Change & Innovation in Non-Profit Organizations (3 credit hours)

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning about innovation in a world that is steeped in history. While the non-profit world tends to change slowly, recent innovations are forcing change quickly. In this course we will discuss the major theories of change; the differences between personal change and organizational change; the impact of organizational change on leaders; and innovations in the world of non-profits.

Accelerated Online Format

The 9 credit-hour certificate can be completed in 6 months. Certificate courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Students will complete their coursework through interactive and engaging online classes. Credits earned may be transferred into the MS in Leadership program.

Cost of Program

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When you're ready to apply, here are the requirements and documents you'll need to get started.

  1. Must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university.
  2. Official transcripts, completed application, and resume.
  3. Applications will be considered based on academic and professional experience.