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Wednesdays, June 1 – June 29

Reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet - $40

9:00 a.m. On Campus and Zoom
Instructor: Dr. Mark Cirino

Over five weeks, reading one act per week, we will read, discuss, and bask in the infinite pleasures of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We will read the play carefully and explore its mysteries and complexities, tackling the same questions that have enthralled readers for more than four centuries. In addition to guided discussion and close-reading, we will also consider moments from various cinematic adaptations of the play. Our goal is to clarify the play and increase your appreciation of Shakespeare’s genius.

Readers who might be intimidated by Shakespeare or who might have had previous frustration with this play are especially welcome. Reading Hamlet is always a challenge, but absolutely worth it. This course will be valuable no matter what your experience is with Shakespeare, even if it is no previous experience at all.

Course Materials: Any edition of Hamlet is acceptable. I recommend an inexpensive paperback copy with accompanying notes, such as the Folger Shakespeare Library or Signet Classics.

Instructor: Dr. Mark Cirino is Professor of English, Chair of the Department of English and Creative Writing, and the Melvin M. Peterson Endowed Chair in English.

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