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Tara Halaby

Post-Graduate Education

  • Master's of Physical Therapy from UE 2007
  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University 2013

UE Experiences

I majored in Athletic Training because I loved sports and was an athlete growing up. I decided to pursue my Master's of Physical Therapy as the first student doing Direct Access from AT to PT. After UE, I did a 6 month experience in Argentina working for a Soccer Club and Basketball Team with Boca Juniors to improve my Spanish. When I moved back to my home of Chicago, it snowed in October!!... and I decided to move to Florida. I did a 5 month experience with Disney's Wide World of Sports and then worked in Performing Arts for 5 years before coming to WWE. I know that having an education at a small private university was the main factor in the pursuit of my dreams and goals. My AT and PT professors were very supportive and encouraging and the hands-on experience with athletes as an undergrad in the AT major was huge. I have friends who went to ACC or SEC schools that were not even allowed to tape athletes until their 4th year in the AT program!! UE also made it easy to foster relationships with my classmates and professors- namely Dr. Juan DelValle who connected me with my work abroad experience in Argentina. Who knew that a small school in southern Indiana would give me opportunities in places I had never considered visiting, let alone working?! UE gave me the self-confidence in my skills, prepared me well for my board examinations, and encouraged me to go anywhere I could dream of going!

Study Abroad Experiences

Boca Juniors Athletic Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007

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