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  • Graduation Year: 2014
  • Majors:
  • Current Employer: Clark Memorial Hospital
  • Job Title: ICU Nurse

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Brooke Routh

UE Experiences

I was a nursing major at UE. I came to UE not knowing anyone. I was scared to death and overwhelmed. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, a weight was lifted off my shoulder. I became best friends with my nursing class, professors, and girls in my sorority. The University of Evansville's small campus was the perfect fit for me! If I could do college over again, I would in a heartbeat at UE!

Study Abroad Experiences

I studied at Harlaxton in the summer of 2012. I took a class comparing American and British healthcare systems. While studying in England, I had the chance to also travel to Ireland, Germany, Italy, and France. If you don't travel to Harlaxton, then I believe you have missed out on the best way to find yourself in college.

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