Studio Art

Student painting fruit

The Fine Art degrees in Studio Art are intensive studio experiences where you can create artwork in drawing, design, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry, and watercolor.

Studio Art majors at the University of Evansville, become part of the timeless and Universal practice of art making. UE’s program prepares students to work as independent artists, studio arts professionals, professors, illustrators, tattoo artists, medical illustrators, cartoonists, multimedia artists, and many other pursuits. Art Studio degrees are designed to expose students to professional best practices and build skills essential to any visual career. Each degree program offers customization and flexibility for a rapidly changing art world. Three different Art programs of study are offered with focused concentrations in Painting, Ceramics, or Sculpture.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program allows students the maximum amount of freedom to investigate a full range of interrelated disciplines. With 30 hours of free electives, this degree allows students to integrate any other coursework, especially in the Liberal Arts. Students with this degree can apply for additional coursework in Archeology, Classics, History, Communication, Psychology, Literature, Creative Writing, Music, and Theatre.

The Bachelor of Science in Art and Associated Studies requires students to choose a secondary area of study (outside of Art), to broaden their experience. This program of study requires 69 hours in the major with a concentrated emphasis in Painting, Ceramics, or Sculpture. Students who choose this degree will choose an associated area that informs and supports their pursuit, like Communication, Psychology, or Art History.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional degree program with 70 hours focused on Studio Art courses. This degree supports students who expect to attend graduate school or work as independent artists after graduation. Art History is a key component of this art-intensive program to support a holistic study of the studio experience.