Art Therapy

Art students making ceramic bowls

Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy is a dynamic blend of art and psychology that's all about using creative expression to explore, elevate, and uplift the well-being of individuals across all ages. Students have the added benefit of working with a faculty member who also serves as a licensed art therapist.

The Art Therapy program at the University of Evansville offers a unique, personalized, hands-on experience that prepares students to pursue graduate studies.

Art Therapy is a versatile field where the making of art helps people heal, grow and explore. This can happen in a wide variety of places, including schools, hospitals, shelters, elder care, and community centers. It can use every type of art imaginable, like paint, clay, fibers, printmaking, photography, collage, sculpture, or animation.

UE’s Art Therapy program is designed to help students explore all options and find out where and how they work best. This is achieved through Psychology, Art Studio, and Art Therapy classes. The Art Therapy classes are taught by a registered art therapist, who incorporates case studies, field trips, professional conferences, and current literature. Students work on art projects that help to clarify how they can begin their own art therapy careers.

Art Therapy is a graduate-level profession, but the journey begins far before graduate school. Students will discover what they value and where they will thrive, which helps them discover which graduate school is best for them. Some students’ personal growth and awareness leads them to experience and work before graduate school. There are many work opportunities, which are often based on practicum experiences.

Practicum is an internship opportunity in the third year that allows each student to work 10 hours per week in a social service setting of their choice, offering thoughtful, informed art experiences.

"Can I really find a job as an art therapist?”

The answer: Absolutely yes! Art therapists are credentialed and paid the same as any counselor or therapist, with the bonus of an added skill – communicating through art. To explore this more, please visit the American Art Therapy Association.

Are you ready to start your journey that blends a passion for helping others with a love of making art? Apply to the University of Evansville today, and contact the Department of Art to learn more!