Beyond the Classroom

Cooperative Education

Students in the School of Engineering and Computer Science can gain highly impactful work experience before graduating by participating in the cooperative education.

Computer Engineering students are encouraged to participate in the cooperative education (co-op) program.

The cooperative education (co-op) program allows students to learn and earn at the same time, and the table below shows how. In five years, a co-op student will have worked four semesters and studied for eight while earning a bachelor's degree.

Co-op Calendar
Co-op Calendar
Year Fall Spring Summer
1 School 1 School 2 Work Option
2 School 3 School 4 Work 1
3 School 5 Work 2 School/Work Option
4 Work 3 School 6 Work 4
5 School 7 School 8

Students will benefit in several ways through the co-op program. Employers have an opportunity to hire students as prospective employees, and students can weigh their options before entering the workforce. Co-op students typically receive a higher salary offer upon graduation compared to those not in the co-op program. Graduates are also frequently offered long-term employment opportunities.

  • Alcoa
  • Boeing
  • Delco Corporation
  • General Electric
  • Intel Corporation
  • NWSC Crane
  • Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Wright-Patterson AFB

For more information about the University's Cooperative Education Program, please visit the Center for Career Development.


Students can also benefit from semester-long, full-time professional work experiences through internships. Most are paid positions, and students gain valuable work experience while earning money for college during the summer. Nearly all students complete a summer internship.

Previous employers have included:

  • CIHOLAS Inc.
  • Duke Energy
  • General Motors
  • Kimball International
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Oncology and Hematology Associates
  • PCI Incorporated
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana