Computer engineers are always seeking new and innovative ways to make computers faster, more reliable, and smaller. They utilize design solutions to create and improve computer hardware and software. As technology becomes increasingly innovative and advanced, computer engineers will be in-demand across the globe.

The Computer Engineering program at UE provides an in-depth understanding of electrical engineering and computer science topics. Students receive extensive training in software design and implementation, and curriculum provides a broad-based understanding of hardware and software. When planning your semesters, you may choose your preferred areas of focus.

At a Glance

The first half of the program provides a firm foundation in mathematics, natural science, basic engineering analysis and design, and humanities. Students will have a heavy focus on C++ programming language, data structures, computer-aided design and simulation, and electric and digital circuit analysis. Laboratories are incorporated into the curriculum to provide hands-on training with computers and software design.

Students apply their knowledge to various projects during the second half of the program. This includes designing and inventing hardware and software to meet customized specifications. During this time, students will not only work with teams of students but also one-on-one with highly qualified professors.

After completing the program, graduates can begin their careers or pursue graduate school. Computer engineering offers higher starting salaries than other engineering fields. Graduates may find career opportunities in cybersecurity, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, consulting, and the biomedical field.

The Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, Inc.