Foreign Languages

Most UE foreign languages majors pursue a second degree or a minor and graduate in four years.

Alumni Profile

Stephanie Roberts
Class of 2007

Study abroad opportunities at UE are as unique as our students. Stephanie Roberts took full advantage of her options, and she considers her two semesters overseas the highlight of her college career. "My first study abroad experience was at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, which served as a stepping stone for me in terms of gaining more confidence and independence. Traveling around England developed my traveling skills and made me incredibly comfortable traveling alone or in small groups. While at Harlaxton, I also traveled to Spain and Morocco."

During the spring semester of 2007, Stephanie traveled to Chile where she joined a group that works with cultural development and social justice. Through the group, she was involved in a variety of experiences, including living with indigenous Aymara families and meeting with human rights organizations still fighting for justice 20 years after the fall of the Pinochet dictatorship. "I had the chance to visit Chile's version of concentration camps and learn of the devastation of the Pinochet years, but I also got to work with women's organizations that represent hope for the future."

Stephanie's study abroad experiences increased her language aptitude, which was beneficial for her positions with Project Vote Smart and HOLA following graduation. "Working with Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan political research group, I was the only bilingual employee, so I handled all Spanish language interviews and calls. At Hospitality and Outreach for Latin Americans (HOLA), in my position as executive director of the nonprofit organization, I worked to enhance appreciation of diversity and promote the successful inclusion of Latinos in the community, primarily through health and education initiatives." Stephanie's next step is to pursue a graduate degree in international development with a focus on Latin America and human rights.