Health Services Administration

UE offers a combined five-year bachelor and masters's health services administration degree.

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Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Administration

UE's Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Administration prepares students to succeed in administrative careers working in hospitals, managed care facilities, and numerous other health care venues.

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Health Services Administration (HSA) is a diverse field with a variety of career options to pursue. In order to prepare its students, the University of Evansville’s HSA programs (housed in the School of Public Health) take an interdisciplinary approach to its curricula, giving students the opportunity to take classes in a large spectrum of disciplines. Students also have access to numerous study abroad opportunities in China and the UK at Harlaxton College. Above all, students will be prepared for the real world through purposeful experiences in internship placements. HSA undergraduates (who are required to participate in two internships) and HSA graduate students (who must participate in four) will have the opportunity to experience different areas of health care and find the right fit prior to graduation. This is how students find balance and are prepared for personal and professional success.