Health Communication

The health communication major is an interdisciplinary program that combines course work from communication, public health, and health services administration to prepare students for careers in the health field.

The health communication major allows students to acquire knowledge and skills related to advertising, public relations, journalism, and multimedia production, while developing an understanding of areas related to public health and health services. Students will gain practical experience through internships with professional organizations in the health field.

Majors will be exposed to the following areas of health communication:

  • Provider-patient communication
  • Health care organization communication
  • Risk communication and crisis communication
  • Strategic health communication campaigns
  • New communication technologies

Major in Health Communication

Health Segment – 18 hours

  • PH 190: Introduction to Public Health
  • PH 195: Global Health Systems
  • HSA 405: Health Care Systems
  • HSA 414: Health Care Management and Theory
  • HSA 420: Health Care Planning and Marketing
  • COMM 410: Health Communication

General Electives – 15 hours

At least nine hours of science and/or health-related courses above the introductory level.