Sports Communication

With a strong core of communication classes already offered, sports communications majors also receive the benefit of adding sports specific courses and projects in promotions, writing, and data analytics to their repertoire. Optimization of communication in the context of fan engagement, smart stadiums, social media, and other issues are regularly explored. In addition, UE has a contract with ESPN3, and many students gain invaluable work experience in the sports field throughout their undergraduate experience.

The sports communication major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for their career.

Major in Sports Communication

Core requirements – 27 hours

  • COMM 130: Introduction to Communication
  • COMM 210: Professional Speaking
  • COMM 211: Advertising and Promotion Strategy
  • COMM 220: Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 221: Media Writing
  • COMM 231: Basic Reporting
  • COMM 251: Principles of Multimedia
  • COMM 483: Media Theory and Research
  • COMM 485: Media Law and Ethics

Sports Communication Course Work – 18 hours

  • COMM 325: Sports Promotion
  • COMM 332: Advanced Writing OR COMM 345: Video Production OR COMM 351 Web Production
  • COMM 335: Sports Writing
  • QM 160: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • MGT 300 or MGT 377: Principles or Management or Organizational Behavior
  • MKT 325: Principles of Marketing
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