Direct Entry Student Profiles

Alicia ChristianAlicia Christian

Evansville, Indiana

Alicia Christian entered the UE nursing program after a career in musical theatre performance in New York. Alicia was immediately drawn to the program at UE because she was assured she would not only have the opportunity to continue voice lessons on campus while pursuing her nursing degree, but also she would be encouraged and supported by the faculty to do so. "UE has made it possible for me to focus on two separate dreams at once."

Guy GoodnessGuy Goodness

Jasper, Indiana

Guy Goodness took an open approach to college as a UE freshman, initially taking general education courses in order to discover the academic major that fit him best. He had numerous interests and wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to grow and feel personally challenged. By the second semester of his freshman year, it was clear to Guy that nursing could offer him a rewarding career with varied opportunities for employment someday.

Guy appreciates the UE faculty's genuinely compassionate approach toward nursing education. The professors not only demonstrate care and concern for the patients and their families in the clinical setting, but also for the individual student throughout the educational experience. "Small class sizes and extra personal attention combined with the knowledge that the faculty members really want me to do well assure me that I will be prepared."

Desiree TalaveraDesiree Talavera

Mililani, Hawaii

Desiree Talavera chose the University of Evansville because of the opportunity to be admitted directly into the nursing program. "I love that the curriculum is set. I know the classes I'll be taking over the next four years so I will graduate on time with six full semesters of clinical experience."

Prior to freshman orientation, Desiree had not had the opportunity to visit campus. "I immediately fell in love with the people and campus. Everyone is willing to help me settle in to this new place where I'll be spending the next four years." Desiree appreciates taking courses with students from all program areas. "My anatomy and physiology class has nursing majors and athletic training and physical therapy students too. As nursing students we get to establish a bond with others who will also be working in the medical field."