Anthropology Course Offerings

ANTH-200 World Prehistory (3 credits)
Introduces the field of prehistoric archaeology and traces the evolution of culture from the earliest stone tools to the formation of ancient civilizations in both the Old and New Worlds.
ANTH-207 Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
Studies societies all over the world, from hunter-gatherers to industrial states. Explores the range of variation in forms of subsistence technology, family, government, religion, and other institutions. Seeks to explain cultural differences.
ANTH-301 Special Topics in Anthropology (3 credits)
Topics chosen on the basis of programmatic need or student interest. Prerequisite: Anthropology 200 or 207.
ANTH-310 Indians of North America (3 credits)
Surveys the origins, prehistory and traditional ways of life of the Native Americans. Studies representative societies from each of the major culture areas. Prerequisite: Anthropology 207.
ANTH-315 Indians of the Great Plains (3 credits)
Covers the buffalo-hunting societies of the American West, their habitat, prehistory, ways of life, and wars with the United States. Prerequisite: Anthropology 207.
ANTH-319 Peoples of Africa (3 credits)
Surveys African geography, history, and representative societies from different regions of the continent. Prerequisite: Anthropology 207.
ANTH-416 Human Evolution (3 credits)
Outlines the stages of hominid biological and cultural evolution, with attention to human variation and the primates. Prerequisite: Anthropology 200 or 207.
ANTH-440 Linguistic Anthropology (3 credits)
Surveys phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, children's language acquisition, language origins, historical linguistics, ethnolinguistics, and sociolinguistics. Prerequisite: Anthropology 207.
ANTH-453 Anthropology of Religion (3 credits)
Explores theories of religious beliefs and behavior in non-Western societies. Covers cosmology, myth, ritual, religious specialists, and dynamics. Prerequisites: Six hours of anthropology; junior or senior standing.
ANTH-494 Directed Study (1-3 credits)
See Sociology 494. Prerequisites: Nine hours of anthropology; junior or senior standing; permission of instructor.
ANTH-496 Internship (1-6 credits)
Internships available to majors of junior or senior standing who have completed core courses. GPA requirements must be met and student must file an internship application with advisor.
ANTH-497 Internship in Teaching Anthropology (1-2 credits)
Provides majors of junior or senior standing with a comprehensive, supervised field experience in teaching and anthropological pedagogy. Designed for students who are preparing for graduate study in the social sciences. GPA requirements must be met and students must file a teaching internship application with advisor. Prerequisites: Sociology-Anthropology major, sponsorship by the supervising faculty member, junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. 1-2 credits.

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