General Sociology After Graduation

What can you do with a sociology degree?

Virtually anything: few fields have as broad a scope and relevance as does sociology. This makes it both exciting and challenging to build a future, because many choices are open to you.

  • Our graduates leave well-prepared for a variety of career paths and graduate programs.
  • Over 85% of sociology graduates in the last 2 years were accepted into the graduate program of their choice, in the following programs: social work, criminal psychology, marriage and family therapy, sociology, substance abuse and clinical counseling, urban education, social psychology, and educational methodology.

A degree in sociology can lead to employment opportunities in all of the following areas. This list has been adapted from Black Hills State University.

  • Criminal Justice - In corrections, rehabilitation, law enforcement, the justice system, parole system.
  • Business and Industry - Advertising, Consumer and Market Research, Management of Non-profit organizations, Human Resources, Training and Human Development, Leadership Training.
  • Research and Planning - Governmental and regional planning departments, research firms, evaluation research, public opinion research.
  • Agencies - Social Services, Mental Health Services, Adoption, Child Care, Youth Services, Developmental Disability Services.
  • Government - Social Science Analysis, Census Bureau and other federal agencies, Administration, Policy Analysis, Personnel, Homeland Security.
  • Education - Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, Administration, Alumni Relations, Placement Offices, Educational Research.
  • Advocacy - Environmental, Child Welfare, National Policies, Victims Rights, Labor Rights, Community Organization.
  • Communications - Technical Writing, Newspaper and Magazine Reporting, Public Relations.