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Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall is home to University of Evansville’s nationally-renowned theatre program, and houses Shanklin Theatre and other academic spaces. This campaign to renew Hyde Hall with state-of-the-art academic technology will enhance students’ classroom experience.

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Walnut Plaza

Walnut Plaza

Walnut Plaza is a bustling avenue on the UE campus and a thoroughfare for the city. Improvements to this streetscape include aesthetic enhancements as well as increased safety for its considerable pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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“The vision of the University of Evansville is to be an innovative institution of global reach and reputation where students develop knowledge, skills, and wisdom to lead and serve.”

- Dr. Thomas A. Kazee, President, University of Evansville

Dr. Kazee’s vision is based on the University’s Strategic Plan, Transforming Tomorrow: Our Students, Our University, Our World. That plan has four goals.

  1. Transform the learning environment
  2. Build a robust and rich curriculum and co-curriculum
  3. Enhance and sustain high quality student and residential life
  4. Tell the UE story

The vision is vast and has real costs attached to making the vision a reality. That is why the University Board of Trustees has broken down the projects that are in the vision into a series of modules and asked that we proceed to raise funds for specific projects.

The first module was the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Practice Facility, now completed. The second module, Module II is now in operation. Module II will fund:

  • Bower-Suhrheinrich Library and Clifford Memorial Library – upgrade and modernize the facility. Needed: $3,509.750
  • Hyde Hall – renovation and create flexible and active learning spaces. Needed: $5,233,875
  • Center for Career Development – funds to sustain and expand the program. Needed: $1,943,750
  • Walnut Plaza/Streetscapes – enhance the look of Walnut Street between Rotherwood and Weinbach Avenues. Needed: $1,646,250

Please take a look at each of these projects in Module II.