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UE Recycling Receives New Battery Operated Golf Cart

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2018

The battery operated golf cart proposed as the winning submission to the inaugural Environmental Sustainability Challenge in Spring 2018 is now on campus and in use by UE Recycling

UE employees Shannon Bryant and Julie Wilson submitted the proposal as their capstone project for UE's Organizational Leadership program. The capstone project is the culmination of learning experiences from the program.

Funds for the challenge were provided through a grant from Siemens Corporation to enhance the environmental sustainability of the UE campus.

"Golf carts are a needed convenience for the recycling and maintenance crews on campus," they said in their proposal. "Gradually transitioning from the gas operated carts to battery will have multiple benefits to UE and the community. Not only will this help to cut down on the purchase of fuels over time, but this also would eliminate carbon emissions. Also, noise pollution would be reduced on campus walkways and paths."

Submissions are now being accepted for the next Environmental Sustainability Challenge. 

Pres P sitting in the Recycling Golf CartPresident Pietruszkiewicz poses with Environmental Sustainability Challenge winners, Julie Wilson and Shannon Bryant.

Recycling Golf Cart SideEnvironmental Sustainability Challenge winners Shannon Bryant and Julie Wilson pose with the new battery operated Golf Cart for UE Recycling. The cart is equipped with an extended bed, regenerative braking system, and cab enclosure for cold weather. 
Recycling Golf Cart SideOL instructor Lori Smith, Julie Wilson, Director of Adult Education Lindsay Roberts, Shannon Bryant, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety Amber Elkins, and Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Committee Lisa Kretz pose with the new battery operated golf cart. 
Recycling Golf Cart LogoThe new golf cart was made possible through funds from the Environmental Sustainability Challenge. 
Recycling Golf Cart License Plate Bryant and Wilson submitted the grant proposal as part of their senior capstone course for UE's Organizational Leadership program. 

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