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UE to Host Annual High School Changemaker Challenge on October 23

Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The annual High School Changemaker Challenge, presented by Toyota Indiana, will be held on Wednesday, October 23 in Eykamp Hall within Ridgway University Center at the University of Evansville. 

The challenge, which is supported by the Center for Innovation and Change, is designed to motivate young people to take a leading role in identifying and solving challenges in the world around them through innovation and creativity. 

Projects from previous competitions can be seen in the city of Evansville, including the Upgrade Bike Share stations and the solar-powered CommuniTree at Mickey's Kingdom Park downtown. Projects still in the development stages include a musical swing set, an emergency response app, an anti-bullying board game, and many more.

The University has committed more than $1 million in scholarships to winners of this competition. Members from the top six winning teams who choose UE as their college destination will each receive 4-year scholarships to attend UE as listed below:

  • 1st place team: Full tuition
  • 2nd place team: $26,000 per year
  • 3rd place team: $22,000 per year
  • Three runner-up teams: $18,000 per year

There are 18 teams participating in the 2019 High School Changemaker Challenge and project descriptions are as follows:

Community Orchard
Team Idea: A way to provide access to fresh food to community for healthier lifestyle
Team Members: Madison O’Daniel, Kenzie Paul, Emma Yarber
Coach: Kevin Krizan

Team Idea: Device to prevent children being left in cars.
Team Members: Lydia Johnston, Isaac Martin, Elijah Jorgensen
Coach: Donna Lefler

Finding Y.O.U.
Team Idea: Helping students find their career pathway.
Team Members: Skylar Young, Samuel Stone
Coach: Jerrilee LaMar

Food Recovery
Team Idea: Utilizing un-served food to address food insecurity among children
Team Members: Ben Burson, Mary Franklin, Isabella Meier
Coach: Kacey Strange

Grow a Garden
Team Idea: Program to teach young kids how to grow their own garden to access healthy food.
Team Members: Bailey Bush, Alyssa Goebel
Coach: Donna Lefler

Holy Fit
Team Idea: Free gym on riverfront to address healthy living.
Team Members: Adam Barnes, Jered Blanton, Henry Duncan
Coach: Donna Lefler

International Food Court
Team Idea: A Food Court serving international cuisines in Evansville
Team Members: Haley Worland and Annemarie Smith
Coach: Linda Schaffer

Move! Evansville
Team Idea: App that incentives exercising throughout city.
Team Members: David Schultz, Stephen Custer
Coach: Kendra Schultz

Porta Wet
Team Idea: Portable shower house for homeless.
Team Members: Jacob Merkley, Noah Beard
Coach: Donna Lefler

Team Idea: Digital wall with inspirational resources to promote positivity among individuals
Team Members: Aubrey Wheeler, Vidit Patel, Amanda Compton
Coach: Linda Schaffer

Power of Composting
Team Idea: Educating to reduce food waste from school lunches.
Team Members: Helaena Pfeiffer, Mary Gardner, Chloe Julian
Coach: Brooke Haldeman

Project Oasis
Team Idea: Social grocery store in food desert areas.
Team Members: Graham Griffin, Ranny Badreddine, Futhallah Hamed
Coach: José Mota

Study Shack Squad
Team Idea: Gazebos for outdoor study locations
Team Members: Carter Ahlstedt, Tyler Orr, Owen Minton
Coach: Jenna Bunner, Haleigh Bennett

Team Save Tomorrow
Team Idea: Composting with local restaurants.
Team Members: Elijah Randolph, Austin Whitledge, Morgan McDonald
Coach: Linda Schaffer

Trash to Treasure
Team Idea: Solar-powered water wheels to clean pollution from water ways.
Team Members: Madison Lucas, Ella Hubbard, Sinclair Sheffer
Coach: Kim Allen, Jeremy Vilines

Virtual Job Fairs
Team Idea: Lower-cost job fairs to provide more exposure to students looking to enter the workforce.
Team Members: Eric Nelson, Michael Niemeier, Grace Blondin
Coach: Lucas Swinford

Team Idea: Exercise bikes that generate energy to address climate change
Team Members: Krish Gupta, Kaden Merrill
Coach: Jenna Bunner, Haleigh Bennett

Working Out for a Change
Team Idea: Gyms with equipment that produce and store energy for sustainable use.
Team Members: Vivian Valadares, Paxton Mosby, Madeline Erdell
Coach: José Mota

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