Academic Standing

Academic Load

  • Full-Time: A student enrolled in 12 or more hours per semester.
  • Part-Time: A student enrolled for fewer than 12 hours per semester.

The normal load for a full-time undergraduate student is 12 to 16 hours of class and laboratory work per semester. If a student, in consultation with his or her academic advisor, elects to carry more than 16 hours, the grade point average should be a guide in determining the maximum number of hours to be attempted (exclusive of music ensembles and exercise and sport study activity courses). The recommended load limits are:

  • Up to 1.99 GPA - 16 hour maximum
  • 2.0 to 2.99 GPA - 18 hours maximum
  • 3.0 to 4.0 GPA - 20 hours maximum

Classification of Students

Students are classified on the following basis:

  • Freshman - fulfillment of entrance requirements and less than 30 semester hours earned
  • Sophomore - a minimum of 30 semester hours earned
  • Junior - a minimum of 60 semester hours earned
  • Senior - a minimum of 90 semester hours earned

Fall and Spring Semester Overload

Because academic performance frequently suffers when an overload is taken, students in good standing wishing to take 21 hours or more and students on academic probation wishing to exceed 16 hours must petition the dean of his/her major’s college for approval and have the support of their academic advisor in doing so.

Most academic failure results from insufficient study outside the classroom. If a student has a job or other non-academic activity requiring 20 or more hours each week, he or she is advised to carry a reduced academic load. Students should allow sufficient time outside the classroom for study (use the guideline of two hours of study for each hour spent in class) as an investment in academic success and their professional future.

Withdrawal from the University

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all credit courses must apply for formal withdrawal through the Office of the Dean of Students. This process requires the completion of a University withdrawal form, an exit interview and, for students under the age of 18, parental permission. Final approval is subject to clearance from the Office of Student Accounts. If this procedure is not followed, grades of F will be assigned. After the official last date to withdraw (please refer to academic calendar), approval for withdrawal from the University without grade penalty will be given for only one of two reasons: medical or psychological problems. A letter from a doctor, psychologist is required.

Failure to complete the term does not cancel the student's obligation to pay tuition and all other charges in full. For specific details regarding refunds and adjustments, refer to the section on tuition and fees in this catalog.

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