University of Evansville


UE average class size is 18 students and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1.

Non-Degree Special Students

Special students are those students who wish to take courses during the academic year but who do not intend to work toward a degree at the University of Evansville. The following types of students qualify as special students:

  • Visiting Transient Students - Students currently enrolled at another accredited college or university who wish to take courses at Evansville but plan to graduate from their home institution.
  • College Graduate Students - Students who have a college degree but need additional undergraduate credit to earn special licensing or prepare for graduate school admission.
  • Non-traditional Students - Non-degree seeking students who wish to take courses for personal enrichment or college credit.

Classes Offered:

Application Procedure

Students seeking special student status should complete the Special Student Application and return it with the $15 application fee to the University of Evansville, Office of the Registrar, 1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47722. Please make checks out to University of Evansville.

Financial Aid

Financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and veterans benefits, is not available to special students. Only students admitted to the University in a degree-seeking program are eligible for financial aid.


Students granted special student status may register on the last working day before classes begin and pay in full. Call the Office of the Registrar at 812-488-2600 to determine your registration day.