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Josh Baty

Resident Assistant of the Month

Josh Baty has been selected as the campus RA of the month! Josh has been very supportive and helpful to the other Moore RAs. On top of that, Josh also received outstanding scores on both Fall Feedback and peer evaluations. If you see Josh around, please say congratulations!

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The resident Assistant Position provides opportunities for growth and leadership for both the Resident Assistant and the students on his or her floor.

Everything an RA does has an impact! Conversations with residents over lunch, being a resource for students in need, providing guidance on college policies and procedures, the formal and informal programs provided, all have a significant impact on the experience of residents and the atmosphere of the hall.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Residence Life Staff, or have any questions about the RA application process contact the Office of Residence Life at 812-488-2956.

Serving in the residence halls or campus “villages,” the Resident Assistant is a full-time undergraduate student whose responsibility is to serve as a student advisor to 15 – 60 undergraduate students, depending on their placement. The RA is a part-time staff member of the Residence Life Office and the Division of Student Affairs. In this capacity, the overall responsibility is to provide leadership, assistance, and support to the students living in their area. Each Resident Assistant serves in diverse roles with many different responsibilities. Working in cooperation with the professional staff, the Resident Assistant strives to facilitate and maximize the residential experience.

Due to the nature of the position, a large portion of the Resident Assistant’s responsibilities is spontaneous and unscheduled. As a result, each staff member must carefully organize time commitments to meet the demands of academics, the RA position, and personal interests.

Information Meetings and Application Process

* For Spring 2017 Openings

Application Materials: Application and reference forms are now available for download. All applicants must fill out an application and have two recommendation forms. Completed applications and references will be due in the Office of Residence Life by Wednesday, October 19 at 5:00 p.m.

You will have a choice in the type of references you use; either “Open” or “Confidential”. With a “Confidential” reference, you the applicant, may not read the content of your reference. Your reference would submit the form directly to the office. With an “Open” reference, you may request to see the form after it is completed, and could turn it in with the rest of your application. The choice is yours, and the type of reference does not affect your chances of being hired.

Once available, these materials may be filled in electronically and e-mailed OR downloaded and filled in legibly, to be turned in (by hand) to the office.

More Information: If you would like to learn more about the Resident Assistant position, please read our website thoroughly, reach out to current RAs, or you can schedule a meeting with Jackie Luedtke, Residential Coordinator of Hughes & Powell Halls. Watch for special RA Information tables in Ridgway during the lunch hour after Fall Break!

Position Overview

Peer Counseling and Referral: Resident Assistants provide paraprofessional counseling and advising in the areas of personal, social, and academic problems. For problems which require greater expertise, students are referred to the various resources available at the University and the larger community. Training sessions in basic counseling and referral techniques are provided.

Event Planning: Resident Assistants are asked to implement a balance of high quality educational and community development events for their floor and building. Under the guidance of their direct supervisor, RAs will work individually and in groups to accomplish the event planning goals of their building.

Building a Sense of Community: A significant task for the RA is to provide or support activities that assist students in developing a sense of belonging with the other members of the residence hall. In addition, through formal or informal community development strategies, the RA strives to help students establish common goals and standards, as well as respect for each student’s uniqueness.

General Administration and Building Coverage: Among the duties assigned are those involving routine paper work and other administrative tasks needed to help a community run efficiently. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, the completion of individual room and public area condition reports, and documentation of inappropriate behavior. Resident Assistants also have regular rotating duty coverage of their building or unit on weekdays and weekends. In addition, staffs are expected to be present in the building prior to all openings and closings.

Applied Skills: RAs will be challenged to use their skills and training to respond effectively to the various situations that may arise. It is very important that Resident Assistants provide and encourage experiences contributing to beneficial outcomes for their individual residents and the living unit as a whole.

Terms of Employment

  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average is required at time of application and must be maintained throughout employment. If at any point during the semester your semester average falls below 2.5, the RA will be required to evaluate their academic performance and work performance with their supervisor.
  • The RA must be in good standing (behaviorally) with the University at the time of application and throughout employment.
  • The RA must have completed at least 2 semesters of college, (minimum one semester at UE) before contract start date.
  • The RA must be a full-time undergraduate resident student (12 – 18 credit hours), unless otherwise given permission by the Director of Residence Life.
  • The RA must be available at least two and a half weeks prior to the start of fall classes and one week prior to the start of spring classes. As well as up to 1 week following the end of both semesters.
  • It is preferred that the RA be available for the entire academic year, however, the Office of Residence Life supports study abroad and other opportunities.
  • The RA is required to participate fully in the Residence Life training program.
  • The RA will be given ongoing performance appraisals by his/her supervisor in order to enhance and strengthen skills.
  • Outside employment and work study other than that of Resident Assistant must have prior approval from the immediate supervisor and the Director of Residence Life. Employment and other non-academic commitments should not interfere with job performance.
  • The RA must successfully pass a background check.


RAs in residence halls receive the following compensation and benefits:

  • RAs in Residence Halls: An RA Scholarship of $2,310 for Spring 2017 (75% of the standard residence hall housing fee)
  • RAs in Villages: An RA Scholarship of $2,516 for Spring 2017 (70% of the standard Village apartment fee)
  • Single occupancy in a standard size double room (no additional single room fee)
  • Valuable training, professional development, and enhanced practical experiences

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