UE recognizes the academic accomplishments of students and rewards your achievements through UE scholarships. Students are considered for scholarships at the time of application for admission.

Transfer student academic scholarships range between $15,000 to $21,000 per year and are based on cumulative college GPA.

Transfer Scholarships Table
University of Evansville Scholarships
Transfer Students* Entering Fall 2021/Spring 2022
College GPA Scholarship Amount
3.75+ $21,000
3.5 to 3.74 $19,000
3.0 to 3.49 $17,000
less than 3.0 $15,000

* Excludes International Transfers

For a complete list of transfer scholarships and aid, please refer to the Student Financial Services webpage.

Transfer freshmen (students who graduated from high school and attended a college or university the fall semester immediately following high school graduation and transfer to UE for the spring semester) are typically eligible for freshman academic merit scholarships. If you were an admitted fall freshman applicant, did not enroll at UE, but decide to transfer for the spring semester, UE will typically honor your original freshman scholarship and financial aid award!

Non-traditional freshmen are eligible for freshmen scholarships.

Second degree students may qualify for special scholarships and tuition rates depending upon the major.

Re-Entry students should contact the Student Financial Services office at or 812-488-2364 to determine if their financial aid and scholarships may be reinstated.

Non-degree (special students) typically do not qualify for UE scholarships and financial aid.

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