How to Apply - Non-Degree Students (Special Students)

Non-degree students (also called special students) are those who wish to take courses during the academic year but who do not intend to work toward a degree at the University of Evansville. The following type of students qualify as special students:

  • Visiting/Transient Students – Students currently enrolled at another accredited college or university who wish to take courses at Evansville but plan to graduate from their home institution.
  • Concurrent Students – Students who are currently enrolled in high school or are homeschooled and wish to take courses at Evansville.
  • College Graduate Students – Students who have a college degree but need additional undergraduate credit to earn special licensing or prepare for graduate school. Students in the Transitions to Teaching Program fall under this category.
  • Non-traditional Students – Non-degree seeking students who have graduated from high school or earned their GED, regardless of age, who wish to take courses for personal enrichment.

Admission Requirements

  • Special Student Application and application fee of $10
  • Official high school transcript (for concurrent students)
  • Official transcript(s) from every post secondary school you have attended (for students applying to the Transitions to Teaching Program)


Students granted special student status may register on the last working day before classes begin and pay in full. Contact the Office of the Registrar with questions about registering as a special student at or 812-488-2600.

Title IX Information
The University of Evansville is committed to fostering an atmosphere free from harassment and discrimination. This commitment includes identifying problems that may lead to sexual harassment and misconduct, as well as other forms of harassment and discrimination, by creating an atmosphere in which the entire University community is sensitive to preventing prohibited conduct. If you feel like you have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct, or other forms of harassment and discrimination, please reach out to the University Of Evansville’s Assistant Director of Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator, Annie Sills.

Annie Sills, Assistant Director of Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator
Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, RUC 263

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