Cooperative Education

A program which combines academic study with paid on-the-job experience related to the student's major or career goal. Three plans are available to provide flexibility for students and employers.

  1. The alternating plan provides for alternating semesters of full-time work and full-time study.
  2. The concurrent plan provides for part-time work and full-time study on a continuous basis.
  3. The combination parallel plan has the defining features of concurrent plan; in addition, it includes one or more periods of non-alternating full-time work.

Successful completion of the co-op program requires the equivalent of one year of full-time work experience at the undergraduate level. The long term goal of cooperative education is to further the educational development of students in an extended, structured learning program, and to develop mutually beneficial relationships between students, employers and the university.

Internships & Cooperative Education for Employers