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  • Graduation Year: 2011
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  • Current Employer: Google
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Bradley Kastrup

UE Experiences

While at UE, I studied Sport Management and had a pretty big interest in working in college/professional athletics. During the summer after my sophomore and junior years, I was expected to do internships as part of the program. I spent those 2 summers working for the Minor League Daytona Cubs and the Major League Atlanta Braves with various marketing and game related roles. Those were awesome opportunities to learn what it was like to work in sports, but I learned so much about how to be an adult, live off of $50/week, and how to deal with all sorts of other stuff life can throw your way. Those experiences, as well as my experiences as a leader in the Greek and Campus organizations that I was involved, taught me how to work with people from many different backgrounds, handle adversity and ultimately helped me land a position out of college in the Development Office at UE. I always tie the little over a year I spent in the Development Office into my "UE Experience" because that's exactly what is was - an extension of my time at UE. I was able to continue to grow my personal network, develop crucial interpersonal business skills, marketing and sales/fundraising experience that prepared me for my current role in advertising at Google. All of the different opportunities I was able to have while at UE collectively made landing a position at Google possible. Nothing was ever handed to me. Working hard in the classroom, at those tough unpaid internships, and even as an employee of the University helped shape who I am not only as an asset to a business, but also as a person. On top of all those great experiences, I was lucky enough to meet my wife while in school, so I'd say my UE Experience was pretty awesome.

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