Applied Exercise Science

Applied exercise science combines the sub-disciplines of exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, and sport psychology into the study of how the human body responds to exercise and sport training. The applied exercise science major prepares students for leadership roles in a number of career opportunities, including clinical exercise settings and corporate and hospital wellness programs, or as personal fitness trainers, exercise specialists, and strength and conditioning coaches. Students are well prepared for graduate programs in exercise physiology, biomechanics, exercise and sport psychology, or health and wellness.

Pre-professional Exercise Science

The pre-professional exercise science major embraces a curriculum that prepares students in the scientific aspects of exercise as it relates to healthy, injured, and high-risk populations. It is an applied discipline that emphasizes a hands-on approach toward understanding the physiological and biomechanical consequences of human movement. Due to the strong natural science curriculum, pre-professional exercise science is excellent preparation for graduate study in physical therapy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, medicine, podiatry, and occupational therapy. In addition, graduates with a pre-professional exercise science degree are prepared for employment in clinical or hospital settings, health and wellness intervention programs, and other health-related careers.

Minors in Exercise Science

Applied Exercise Science

The minor in applied exercise science prepares students to work with relatively healthy populations as personal fitness trainers in corporate wellness programs or other fitness centers.

Clinical Exercise Science

The clinical exercise science minor prepares students for the application of exercise and physical activity in clinical and pathological situations where it has been shown to provide therapeutic or functional benefit.

Exercise and Sport Psychology

Exercise and sport psychology is the study of psychological factors associated with enhancing sport performance as well as those factors that lead to regular participation in physical activity. This minor prepares students for graduate study in the areas of exercise science, exercise and sport psychology, motor learning, or psychology.