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Emily Armstrong Headshot

Emily Armstrong

Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2020
Exercise Science Club President, School of Health Sciences Ambassador

I initially chose to attend UE because it offered everything I wanted in a university. UE’s Direct Entry Physical Therapy program, Medical Spanish courses, the study abroad program, and the friendly atmosphere really stood out to me. Since being here, my love for UE has grown every day! UE offers so many valuable opportunities, the faculty and staff know me by name and genuinely care about my success, and the high expectations of my professors along with driven peers makes this university one that will push you to grow as a student and an individual.

Anna Bientz Headshot

Anna Bientz

Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2020

My name is Anna Bientz, and I am a junior exercise science, pre-PT major. When I came to UE on my college visit, I heard about their Direct Entry Physical Therapy program. I had known I wanted to be a physical therapist since my sophomore year of high school, so I was extremely excited about this opportunity, and I started my application to UE’s Direct Entry program when I got home that same day. The University of Evansville quickly became my number one college choice as I learned more and more about their PT program. When I got my letter of acceptance and my direct entry spot, I knew that UE was the place for me. The opportunity to have a solidified spot in a well-known PT program was what drew me to UE, but there are so many reasons why I’m glad I stayed.

Some of my favorite things about UE are the small campus, the opportunity to study abroad in Harlaxton, and the overwhelming sense of community. In my opinion, the best part of the University of Evansville is the fact that everyone on this campus genuinely wants to help you. When I needed my PT observation hours, I was able to reach out to and shadow three recent alumni, and they all helped me not only with getting my hours in, but also with some of the classes I was struggling with at the time.

UE is a tight knit community of students and faculty who want to see one another succeed, and that is what has made it feel like home to me these past three years.

Peyton Blank Headshot

Peyton Blank

Exercise Science, Pre-occupational Therapy, Class of 2019
Alpha Omicron Pi Vice President of Membership Recruitment

The reason I chose UE was because it just felt right. My mom came here, so it was always in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t sure it was for me. When I stepped on campus for my tour, I immediately fell in love with the environment. I graduated with 47 people, so UE felt just the right amount of big compared to where I was from. To this day, although I know many people on this campus, I still get to meet knew people.

The #1 thing I like about UE is everyone’s willingness to help and support each other. I had a change of major and an interest in a graduate school program that we do not have and that not many professors know much about, but my advisor and other staff members were more than willing to find any information they could to help me out. The same goes for the students. We have many events that are put on by the students that we all love to attend and support each other. UE has given me so many opportunities and connections that I couldn’t imagine attending anywhere else.

Christin Donahoe Headshot

Christin Donahoe

Exercise Science and Spanish Pre-Physical Therapy
Class of 2020
Chi Omega Fraternity, Community Service Director

I was drawn to UE because of the six-year physical therapy program. I felt confident that PT was what I was meant to do in the rest of my life, so I liked that I knew as a senior in high school I had a seat available to me in the graduate phase three years down the road. The Harlaxton College study abroad program shined brightly to the desire I had to study abroad in my collegiate career. Coming from a distance I was looking for a university community that was genuine, supportive, and felt like a family. A small friendly school, with global opportunities and a challenging academic curriculum are among the highest reasons I knew and continue to believe that UE is a great fit for me.

Erin Leinenbach Headshot

Erin Leinenbach

Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2020
Medical Spanish Minor

With a top institution like the University of Evansville, I am able to receive an excellent education. With UE, I have been given an excess of opportunities and have been able to grow as both a student and an individual. While I enjoy many aspects of this phenomenal campus, the small class environment is one of my favorite components of UE. Professors have the chance to get to know you on a personal level and are always willing to guide you on the path to fulfilling your dreams.

Ethan Price Headshot

Ethan Price

Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2021

Toward the end of high school, I knew for sure that I wanted to be a physical therapist, and I was on the hunt for schools with great PT programs. I came across UE, visited the campus, and was like, “yep, this is the one.” It’s a small school, it’s a good distance from home, and it just had that close-community vibe. Everyone I talked to during my visits was super nice, and the advisors were very serious about the success of their students. After my first year, I’d say my favorite thing about UE is the people. From friends to faculty, I’ve noticed that people here care a lot about each other. They’re not afraid to go out of their way to help you or to just see how things are going. As a student going into PT, I think that caring kind of mentality will go a long way, and it’s something you can’t experience at every school.

Natalie Schisler Headshot

Natalie Schisler

Interdisciplinary Studies (Pre-Physical Therapy), Class of 2020
Student Christian Fellowship - President
Admission Ambassador, School of Health Sciences Ambassador

I chose UE because it was the only campus I visited where I felt like I could not only receive a great education, but also thrive in the non-academic areas of my life. It certainly didn't hurt that UE also offered me the best scholarships. My favorite thing about UE is the people. The students, the professors, the maintenance workers, and even the president himself are friendly and kind. Having a community like that makes all the difference in making a college campus feel like home.

Lexie Sutherland Headshot

Lexi Sutherland

Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Class of 2021

I first became interested in the University of Evansville when I discovered their physical therapy program and the academic opportunities offered. I toured several universities over the course of several months, during which I met many students, advisors, and coaches. Over the months, though I withdrew my application from other schools, UE stayed near the top. But once I came to a visit day and met potential classmates, professors, and my team, I decided UE was where I was meant to be. I officially decided less than a month later and have never regretted my decision. UE constantly proves to me that the small community that I’ve made my home is the best place I could have chosen. The relationships that I’ve formed have helped me overcome personal and academic obstacles as well as challenge me to become the best version of myself. I have fallen in love with UE and hope that everyone is able to find a university that they can call home.

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