UE Connect

UE Connect

UE students get a jump on career success by connecting with UE's vast network of successful alumni.

Career knowledge, networking, guidance, and peer support are vital keys to success in the post-graduate world.

The University of Evansville puts all of those things at your fingertips through UE Connect, linking students and recent graduates to a network of engaged alumni. UE gives you a head start on building your professional network through the support of alumni who will guide and champion your goals.

Among the services provided through UE Connect are:

  • An identified alumnus at the time of graduation to assist you at your new location as you begin the next phase of your professional journey.
  • Access to the entire UE alumni family of 29,000 members through registration in the UE online community.
  • Access to a vibrant list of alumni registered in the UE Professional Network who serve as unofficial career advisors.
  • Crib Sheet, a University of Evansville smartphone app that provides up-to-date campus news and information on the many questions recent graduates have when transitioning from student to professional.
  • Access to an ever-growing list of alumni who have joined the University of Evansville alumni LinkedIn page.

For more information or to register visit the UE Connect area of our website.