With over 31,000 alumni, we help to foster lifelong relationships, both among alumni and between the University and its graduates, former students, current students, and friends.

UE Connect

Career knowledge, networking, guidance, and peer support are vital to success in the competitive post-graduation environment. UE alumni, parents, friends, and community professionals help foster and lead students as they embark on an unpredictable and exciting future.

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UE Connect

  • Provides a more elaborate and structured professional development network
  • Increases involvement and fosters positive relationships
  • Encourages stronger connections across the UE alumni network

Seniors benefit from:

  • An Alumni Resource at the time of graduation to assist them at their new location when they begin the next phase of their professional journey.
  • Access to the entire UE alumni family of 30,000 members through the UE Online Community.
  • Access to an ever growing list of alumni who have joined the University of Evansville Alumni Linked In page.
  • Access to a vibrant list of alumni registered in the UE Professional Network who serve as unofficial career advisers and available through the web, 24/7.
  • Receive essential career and campus information through the Graduate eNewsletter.
  • A ‘key’ to the future given at graduation to symbolize their strong connection with the University of Evansville.

Underclassman benefit from:

Center for Career Development services

  • Assistance with job searching and applying to graduate school
  • Résumé and cover letter reviews and support
  • Mock interviews, career fairs, career forums, speed networking events, and UE JobLink
  • Access to a comprehensive career guide, updated and published every year and available in print or as a PDF from the career services website
  • A full service web site that supports student and alumni in the many aspects of their career development:

Center for Career Development

Office of Alumni and Parent Relations