LinCs, Crescents and UE History

Some Navigation Tips

Click on the year you want, which should bring up the first page of text. At this point you can just search around, as on other websites. If that’s not as successful as you would like, consider the following suggestions.

Find the magnifying glass near the right margin, just under the four-point icon. When the cursor hovers over this magnifying glass, you are invited to “search inside.” Clicking it brings up a larger two-page image; a toolbar at the bottom; and at upper right, on an abbreviated toolbar, two icons for zooming in and out, as well as a “Search inside this book” box to find names of people and organizations. (More about this last item below.)

The bottom toolbar has several options for navigating the volume, as explained below. Moving from left to right:

  • Blue circle = your place in the volume. Placing the cursor over the circle shows the volume’s page number. The horizontal line represents the entire volume. Use the computer’s mouse to drag the circle right or left to traverse pages quickly.
  • Direction arrows, back and forward.
  • Single box = a single-page image; click it and you can scroll through page by page vertically, or use direction arrows to go forward or back.
  • Two boxes = a double-page image; no vertical scrolling capability, so use direction arrows.
  • Four boxes = a thumbnail view, all pages in the volume.

The single-page image seems to work best for reading small type, espe­cially in the Crescents.

Just above the bottom toolbar, at lower right, click the triangle to enlarge (slightly) the screen at the top and bottom borders of the image. BUT both toolbars, including the Search box, will disappear. Click again on the triangle to reduce vertical reach, which will restore the toolbars.

Results of searches in the Search box will appear along that horizontal line below. Search here for names of people, organizations, etc.

NOTE: The Internet Archive’s search engine can be temperamental when it comes to using this “Search inside this book” box, and occasion­ally it doesn’t function. Browsing is always an alternative.

Experiment with these various features as you browse and search.

LinCs Online

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the UE Library has worked with the Internet Archive to digitize 30 editions of LinC, the campus yearbook. These are now available to you online. Follow the links below to flip through the years at Evansville College and UE from 1956 to 1985.

The Crescent

The Crescent is the University's award-winning, student-directed newspaper. It was published weekly and freely distributed across campus.

The Evansville College Class of 1966 Reunion Committee funded the collaborative between the Library and the Internet Archive. Use these links to get the campus news from 1919 to 1970. Issues of the Crescent since October 2009 are also available online.

We face the future unafraidWe Face the Future Unafraid

The late George Klinger, emeritus professor, authored a comprehensive history of UE in honor of UE’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2004. It is now available online.

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