African American Alumni Association (UEAAA)

UE’s African-American students and alumni are encouraged to become active parts of the UE African-American Alumni Association (UEAAA).

The group, which was created in 1998, fosters life-long relationships among African-American alumni, while documenting the rich tradition of UE’s African-American students. In addition, members provide a support system for current students, offering financial assistance, emotional support, and guidance through the UE experience.

In addition, the UEAAA holds several events over the course of the year, and encourages its membership to get involved through other University activities, including UE’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, and a speaker and lunch program held each spring.

All African-American alumni of the University are members of the organization; for more information about how to get involved in the group, contact

UEAAA Mission

The Mission of the University of Evansville African American Alumni Association (UEAAA) is to maintain a close relationship among alumni, document the UE African American tradition and pass it on to students, and to maintain a close and nurturing connection with UE African American students by providing financial assistance, emotional support, and guidance.

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Alumni House, 525 S. Rotherwood Ave