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  • Graduation Year: 2004
  • Majors:
  • Current Employer: Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald & Hahn, LLP
  • Job Title: Lawyer

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Daniel Robinson

Post-Graduate Education

  • Southern Illinois University School of Law - Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude

UE Experiences

Growing up in the Evansville area, I can remember attending UE events as a child. At an early age, the dream was born. Little did I know that dream would come true years later as I was afforded the opportunity to play baseball for the Aces! Aside from athletics, however, UE also provided me with the educational foundation necessary to excel in law school and now as a private practice attorney. I still rely on the critical thinking skills, discipline, and hard work habits I developed during my time at UE in my career today. Whatever the profession, UE provides the solid foundation necessary to succeed.

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