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  • Graduation Year: 2012
  • Majors:
  • Current Employer: Walt Disney Company
  • Job Title: Marketing Professional Intern

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Ellen Sawin

Post-Graduate Education

  • I started working on my MBA at Indiana State University, but due to job re-location put it on hold
  • while I moved down to Florida. Plan on resuming within the next year at University of Central
  • Florida.

UE Experiences

Both my major and 2 minors have played a great role in making me a well-rounded candidate for the positions I have held since graduation. I also attribute much of my success since graduation to the character traits I developed while being a Captain of UE's volleyball team, President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and while participating on committees such as President Kazee's Strategic Planning Committee.

Study Abroad Experiences

I studied abroad at Harlaxton College in the summer of 2011, just prior to my senior year. While there I took one writing class and spent time traveling to different countries around Europe. To this day, those 6 weeks are still some of my best memories and I truly believed they helped me develop into a more culturally aware person.

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