Managing Your Internship Search Process

The following is a basic outline of the steps you will go through during your search process. Depending on your academic major, you may have discipline specific requirements to complete during your internship process. Please contact your faculty advisor and Center for Career Development for more information.

  1. Know Yourself. What do you hope to gain from the internship/co-op experience? Do you want to learn more about a specific field? Gain professional experience? Travel or explore a new geographical area or culture? Developing professional learning outcomes and goals will insure a rewarding experience. Also, you will need to identify the experiences, skills and talents will you bring to the employer. Employers want to know how you will add value to their organization. Many students benefit from taking TruTalent Personality, our on-line career assessment, to help them get started in this process.

  2. Explore Your Options. The key to managing your successful internship and/or co-op search is to explore all of your opportunities by utilizing your professional network: Center for Career Development, faculty, alumni, family, friends, etc. By talking with your network, you will be able to identify the posted and hidden internship and/or co-op opportunities.

  3. Focus Your Search. What professional learning experiences do you want in your internship and/or co-op? Do you want to earn academic credit for your internship? How have your expectations and goals changed since speaking with your professional network? Do you have a specific geographic area for your internship search? Identify companies in that job market you are interested in interning and/or co-oping with during the fall, spring or summer semester.

  4. Build Your Professional Image. Center for Career Development will help you create a professional resume and cover letter, improve interviewing skills, and prepare professionally for a successful internship and/or co-op search. Do not wait, schedule an appointment with Center for Career Development today! You may also consider enrolling in EXED 090: Building Your Professional Image.

  5. Implement Your Internship Search Strategies. Registering with Handshake and uploading your resume to Handshake is highly recommend as you begin to implement your internship and/or co-op search. Over 1000 local, regional, national and international internship and co-op opportunities are posted in the system each semester. Also, you should plan on attending Career Fairs and/or upcoming career-related events.

    In addition to meeting with Center for Career Development staff and utilizing the services offered, you will need to remain in contact with your professional network and follow-up with the employers you have send your resume and other application materials to during your search process.

  6. Maximize Your Internship/Co-op Experience. After working hard to be successful in your internship and/or co-op search, you want to make the most out of your experiential education process. We recommend that you begin your internship with planned learning objectives, maintain realistic expectations and demonstrate your willingness to be a team player. For more information about how to make the most out of your internship or co-op, please contact our office.

Contact your Academic Department for specific guidelines and internship information:

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