ChangeLab Program Information for Communities

A hands-on, real-world program delivering two-way value for students and client organizations

What is ChangeLab?

ChangeLab (formerly GAP) is an innovative program in which multi-disciplinary teams of students work side-by-side with leading organizations on real-world issues that matter. Guided by faculty coaches and outside experts, participants produce practical outcomes for their clients. This program bridges the gap between what students learn in the classroom and what they need in the real world.

Benefits to Companies and Organizations

  • Obtain fresh perspectives from young, energetic, and hard-working students
  • Benefit from cutting-edge tools, techniques, and expertise provided by experienced coaches
  • Receive individualized recommendations from a multidisci¬plinary team.
  • Obtain quality consulting outcomes in an efficient and affordable way.
  • Connect with a community of professionals, scholars, and students at the University of Evansville
  • Gain access to a pool of talented potential employees
  • Demonstrate how interesting a career in your organization can be
  • Help shape the career trajectory of students

Benefits to UE Students

  • Real-world consulting experience
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Résumé building
  • Possible lead-in to internship or full-time job opportunities

Examples of Potential Services

  • Market research using interviews, focus groups, surveys, experiments, and neuroscience techniques
  • Process improvement
  • Marketing plans and communications strategies
  • Sourcing and logistics cost modeling
  • Research to identify new markets and growth opportunities
  • Fundraising plans
  • Data analysis and decision support
  • Simulated process flows
  • Business plans

How to request a ChangeLab Team:

  1. Contact Jill Griffin
  2. Contact ChangeLab at the Institute for Global Enterprise

Office Phone:

Office Email:

Office Location:
Room 260, Schroeder School of Business