Course Offerings

CM-101 Introduction to Construction Industry (3 credits)
This course provides an overview of the construction industry before dealing with the in-depth content of construction management. The history on the development of construction industry, the function of construction, sectors of construction industries, and the overall contents of a construction project are covered.
CM-110 Construction Graphics (3 credits)
This course introduces graphic communication and visualization used in construction projects. This course provides a basic understanding of plan reading and covers skills needed to create and manipulate drawings with Auto CAD. In addition to Auto CAD, various graphic communication programs and applications for drawing visualization are introduced.
CM-210 Construction Methods and Equipment (3 credits)
This course introduces construction equipment and diverse construction methods used throughout the construction process, from start to completion. This includes evaluating the economics and productivity of construction equipment to select the necessary construction equipment for each stage of the construction project.
CM-230 Construction Contracts and Codes (3 credits)
This course covers all aspects of construction contracts. Students review the most up-to-date current contract systems and documents in use through real world case studies. Students also review and analyze US labor laws related to construction labor contracts, employment regulations, workers' compensation, and safety.
CM-240 Construction Estimation I (3 credits)
This course covers the most basic information for preparing construction project estimates. Students learn the basic concept of quantity take-off for each material and learn the skills and tools necessary through plan reading. Pre-req CM-210.
CM-340 Construction Estimation II (3 credits)
This course introduces the steps of creating a detailed bidding estimate using construction documents. Students will generate direct and indirect costs based on historical data, labor, and productivity rate as detailed estimates for the final bidding stage. Students also analyze subcontractor bids and apply project margins to complete building estimates. Pre-req: CM-240.
CM-350 Construction Safety (3 credits)
This course deals with construction safety management methodology to reduce fatal accidents occurring at construction sites. Work practices for the safety of workers on construction sites, compulsory training, compliance with OSHA worker safety and environmental safety law inspection procedures, and safety law violations are covered. Through projects, students learn hazard awareness procedures, site safety meetings, and accident investigations. Pre-req CM-210.
CM-360 Construction Scheduling (3 credits)
This course provides students with a thorough and practical knowledge of the planning and scheduling of construction projects. The course covers the development and use of current techniques including bar charts, critical path method, precedence method, probabilistic method, network diagrams, and other selected topics such as resource leveling, network conflicts, earned value management, ethics and schedule risk. The course also focuses on creating actionable schedules while applying industry standard software Primavera 6 and Microsoft Projects for project planning and scheduling. Pre-req CE-324
CM-370 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (3 credits)
This course introduces the basic principles of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems and heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and cooling (HVAC) systems for the building environment. This includes an understanding of the basic design principles, energy usage, and MEP components and installations based on the fundamental scientific principles of each system.
CM-380 Bldg. Information Modeling (3 credits)
This course explains the basic principles and concepts of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). This course, through hands-on practice, focuses on the skills and information needed to effectively design and use a building information model to plan and execute a construction project, from planning and design through to construction and operation, the entire life cycle of a construction project. This course covers 3D modeling and model coordination, 4D scheduling, and 5D estimation in a variety of disciplines with architectural, structural, mechanical, and plumbing models. Pre-Req CM-110 or Permission of the instructor.
CM-420 Construction Laws and Ethics (3 credits)
This course introduces students to the legal issues encountered during construction projects. This course focuses on the construction laws, rules, and regulations governing design and construction. Various construction-related issues that may arise under local, state, or federal law are also covered including contracts, procurement, delays and accelerations, field conditions, warranties, terminations, tort claims, dispute resolution, and ethics. Pre-req: CM-230.
CM-495 Senior Design Project I (3 credits)
This is the first course in a yearlong capstone project that provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from other courses. Students complete a real-world project under the supervision of the faculty and or an industry partner. Pre-req: Senior standing, or permission of the instructor
CM-497 Senior Design Project II (3 credits)
This is the second course in a yearlong capstone project that provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from other courses. Students complete a real-world project under the supervision of the faculty and or an industry partner, submit, and present their work to project stakeholders. Pre-req CM-495.