Words open worlds. When we study literature, we study how human experience can be embodied in language that awakens, delights, inspires and excites. Reading together, we meet new characters, cultures, and time periods, while also encountering ourselves in new ways. Through lively discussion and rigorous research, UE English majors explore literary works of lasting influence while developing the critical skills that will prepare them for success beyond our classrooms. Whether they work in business or education, serve their communities in libraries or literacy programs, or go on to graduate school or law school, our graduates leave the University of Evansville's English Department ready to engage with the challenges of today’s world.

Departmental News

  • Baines Publishes Essay in Collection
    Posted: September 29, 2021

    Robert Baines, associate professor of English, has an essay in the new collection "Modernism, Theory, and Responsible Reading," edited by Stephen Ross and published by Bloomsbury. Baines' essay is titled "The Positive of the Negative: Joycean Post-Structuralism as Felskian Critique."

  • Tiffany Griffith Publishes Book, “An Introduction to College Writing”
    Posted: September 13, 2021

    Tiffany Griffith has put together a primer for collegiate writing. “An Introduction to College Writing” (Kendall Hunt Publishing) is forthcoming and described as such: “[It] is designed to address the essential foundations for college writing, including reading and writing critically, the writing process, paragraph development, essay structure, and modes of exposition, to provide an approachable, comprehensive introduction to the basics of writing for college. The chapters are excerpted from Linda Dawn Lukas’s College Composition and Reading: Information and Strategies and also include a chapter on the major modes of exposition from George Searles’ College English: The Basics.” 

  • Griffith Publishes Textbook
    Posted: July 29, 2021

    Tiffany Griffith, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing and Director of Composition, has edited a composition textbook that will be available this fall from Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. The book, An Introduction to College Writing, covers writing basics such as reading and writing critically, the writing process, paragraph development, and essay structure.

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