Student Experience

DaLisa McCallum headshot
“I’ve had amazing professors. I took an African-American Literature course here that I loved. There are not many opportunities to sit in a course where the content is all from black authors. I loved being able to take their thoughts and writings and connect them to my life as an African American in the 21st century. I was so glad this course was offered.”

DaLisa McCallum
(Cincinnati, OH)
Charlie Ericson headshot
“Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Proust’s Swann’s Way, Woolf’s The Waves, and Faulkner’s Light in August have all been incredible works that I’ve felt privileged to study. I’ve also had an incredibly fulfilling tenure as a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Last year, our trip to Cincinnati for the international conference was both fun and intellectually stimulating. It also offered opportunities for us to discuss our work in ways we don’t normally get to.”

Charlie Ericson
(St. Louis, MO)
Laci Rowe headshot
“I would absolutely recommend studying English at UE to anyone interested. The professors are all very welcoming and understanding, which ultimately fosters a great learning environment. They are willing to work with you on your assignments one-on-one, and they are a group of individuals that you cannot expect to find at just any university. I have experienced my professors’ enthusiasm as well as their immense knowledge and their drive to not only teach students but also to continue learning themselves, which has motivated me to want to teach others.”

Laci Rowe
(Hilliard, OH)
Case Farney headshot
“I find that English courses more than almost any other area can inform the way I think about a topic. Coupled with the engaging professors and the wide range of classes taught, I never seem to regret taking more English courses. As a writer, being able to read such varied literature has had a tremendous effect on improving my skills, but writing aside, I feel like a more well-rounded person after exploring so many literary perspectives.”

Case Farney
(Evansville, IN)
Sam Wallisch headshot
“I enjoy the literary conference that the department puts on. Last year, I was even able to share an essay in the conference and participate in the discussion as both a presenter and a spectator. It was amazing to see everyone come together and to get a glimpse at what other students had been working on during the year. I learned a lot from this conference and am looking forward to going again this year!”

Sam Wallisch
(Newburgh, IN)